La société Prodim sera présente au Dutch Technology Week 2016

Showcasing technology to the region during DTW 2016

The fifth edition of the Dutch Technology Week (DTW) is all about technology and showing it to the visitors of all different ages and backgrounds. Like last year the event attracted a lot of visitors. The DTW opened with a substantive program and if it made one thing clear, it was that technology will only get value if the society can benefit from it. Something Prodim as a company strives for: helping other companies to optimize their processes. 

DTW Discovery Route

During the DTW Discovery Route on May 28 in Helmond, Prodim made a pirate themed board game on canvas in order to show the visitors how a selection of their products works. The goal of the game is to reach the treasure chest (number 20) as first, during the game there are some obstacles and assignments to slow the players down or to help them win. Visitors could customize the board game by numbering the 14-sided dice, giving the game color and by making the assignments cards themselves.

Prodim technology – Plotter

The game on canvas has been made with the Prodim Plotter, which is a device that can draw on canvas and textile. During the DTW you could see the Plotter at work and watch how long it took to draw the pirate game. The Plotter is mostly used in the yacht industry for drawing the outlines of a boat cover or bimni top.

Prodim technology – 3D Printer

The 14-sided dice and the pawns for the pirate game were made with the Prodim XXLPro 3D printer. The working printers attracted a lot of visitors during the DTW. The XXLPro business 3D printer is mostly used for making multi-material products, parts and prototypes. Like the steering wheel of the URE racing car that was also showcased at the DTW (automotive campus).

Prodim technology – Proliner

Another Prodim technology that visitors could see in action during the DTW, was the Prodim Proliner. The Proliner is a digital 2D/3D measuring device that is durable, precise and designed to be used in tough working conditions. The device was used for measuring a door.

The DTW, including the discovery route, attracted more visitors than last year. Faruk Pehlivan, from the technical staff at Prodim commented: ‘With more and more activities we have seen an increase in visitors. It was our pleasure to have welcomed them and see how interested they were in the Prodim technology. We are grateful for their interest in our company and our products during the DTW.’