Utilisateur de Prodim Proliner Seabrook Digital Solutions

Seabrook Digital Solutions Ltd is well known with the advantages of using the Proliner

Seabrook Digital Solutions Ltd from England are highly experienced in « out house » design and digital templating backsplashes, countertops and other work surfaces. They also template treads, risers and strings, walls, floors and general room shapes. The result is a production drawing with exact dimensions, ready to be used for production.

Mark Seabrook, Owner of Seabrook Digital Solutions commented: “We have been using cutting edge technology for templating, the Prodim Proliner, for 8 years now to digitally collect all the dimensions on the job site before the work surfaces are created. There are a variety of digital templating methods available on the market today. We use the Proliner because it is always accurate and it takes less time on site than traditional methods of templating.”

Seabrook Digital Solutions send a template they made on the job site to show the advantages of using the Proliner method. Mark: “The Proliner method is especially efficient for complex curved surface measures like we did on this project. Thanks to the digital drawing it is possible to produce a smoother and better machined finish on the CNC.”


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