Utilisateur de Prodim Proliner Falken

Stone shop Falkegranit provides better countertops and service to its clients due to the Proliner

Falkegranit from Hillerød, Denmark bought their Proliner with Stone CT software at the last Marmomacc fair. Henrik and Nicolai from Falkegranit explain:

« After having invested in new CNC-machinery the last years, the Proliner is the next step for Falkegranit for improving our production process. For 90% of the time the Proliner will be used for measuring kitchen countertops. We are going to use the digital templates created with the Proliner as input for our CNC-machinery. »

« At Falkegranit we used to measure by hand and created physical templates on-site. Now that we have the Proliner the time spend measuring on-site will be reduced significantly. The chance of making an error with physical templates is higher than measuring with the Proliner and the increase in accuracy from 5 mm to less than 0,5 mm will result in better fitting countertops. »

« We are already looking forward to not having to walk up and down multiple stairs anymore with physical templates. Another advantage we have now is the fact that we can finalize and show the digital templates to the customers on-site. Altogether we can provide a better service to our customers, resulting in better countertops as well. »


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