Utilisateur de Prodim Proliner Bryne Steinindustri

Accurate templates and new opportunities for Bryne Steinindustri

Bryne Steinindustri is a stone company operating from Norway, which offers a wide range of stone productions including their service in surveying, production and assembly, guidance and follow-up. Martin explains:

« We have been interested in a Proliner ever since we have seen its capabilities on fairs like Marmomac and Stone+Tec. It is now the right moment for Bryne Steinindustri to start with digital templating and therefore we invested in the Proliner Stone Package. We are going to use the Proliner for the measurement of kitchen and bathroom countertops. The Proliner will provide us with more accurate digital templates and the opportunity to offer this as a service to other companies as well. »


Bryne Steinindustri website