The Proliner will greatly reduce the lead-time of Kemperink’s custom company car interiors

Kemperink Bedrijfswageninrichting is a Dutch company that designs, fabricates and installs custom automotive interiors from their home base in Almelo. Peter explains their recent investment in the Proliner for creating digital templates of company car interiors:

« We already knew about the Proliner’s capabilities via con-colleagues and after our recent investment in CNC machinery, the Proliner is the next logical step for us to further improve and digitize our production process. Measuring car floors and bodywork is accurate, fast and easy using the Proliner. The process of creating digital templates that can be used for production is much faster and far less labor-intensive than traditional cardboard templating.

We will also use the Proliner measurement-data to create a digital library of automotive interiors. These digital templates can be re-used for the design and production of new projects, reducing our lead-time significantly! »

Kemperink Bedrijfswageninrichting website