The Proliner Canvas package provides a smart, fast and reliable workflow

Leufen, a family operated company from Krefeld, Germany, has been supplying textile and leather based products since 1929. They fabricate products ranging from upholstery, covers, awnings, sunscreens to saddles and technical clothing.

Leufen got to know the Proliner through one of their customers and decided to invest in the Proliner Canvas package. Owner Jochen explains his choice:

“Our goal is to save time, get quick and precise measurements. With a laser, lots of data is being made while scanning, which takes up a lot of time to process at the office. Measuring with the Proliner is faster, more accurate and the provided digital templates are much cleaner, easier and faster to process. The Proliner Canvas package provides a smart and reliable workflow and saves us a significant amount of time. Therefore, the Proliner is the best option for our company and customers’ needs.”

Leufen company website