Lake Stay took the Proliner for a test spin with the Tesla and is pretty much convinced of its potentialities!

Lake Stay is a company based and managed out of Phoenix, Arizona, specialized in the making of custom boat covers. Founded in 2017, they noticed that the only way a boat owner could get the best water is by being on the lake before sunrise or around sunset. So they had an innovative idea: to make custom tents that mount and store easily and, in less than 5 minutes, turn a boat into a camper. With the help of the Proliner Canvas package, they have been delivering great projects. On top of that, owner Dakota has shared another project they just made: a custom-made cover for a Tesla.

“The Tesla was a test run for us and we were immediately convinced of what the Proliner can do for our business. It takes our accuracy and efficiency to the next level and the standard that is required for our work. We love it so far and we are confident we can make covers for anything here now!’’


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Below you can watch the video and learn how to digital template a cover for a Tesla.