Sten & Marmor in Linköping AB: « We use it daily, up to 5 times per day to measure all kitchen projects! »

Sten & Marmor in Linköping AB is a company from Linköping, Sweden that focuses entirely on stone production in various forms. They take pride in doing every step of their projects: measuring, manufacturing, and mounting of kitchens, bathrooms, floors, and furnishing projects. They provide a variety of materials like granite, limestone, marble, and quartz, along with care instructions to all customers.

Having owned a Proliner for many years now, they decided to increase their efficiency by investing in their second Proliner Stone Package. Joel Hielte was excited to share more about their experience:

« We have now a new Proliner after using an older version for many years – I believe both Proliners work very well. They both have the efficiency and support we need. The new one is faster, of course. We do not do much editing on the device but on the computer instead.

We use it daily, up to 5 times per day to measure all kitchen projects. We are extremely happy with the support and the ease of use of the Proliner. »


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Here you can see a video made by Steny about the Proliner:



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