Martínez Otero: “The Proliner allows us to give our clients a flawless and accurate job!”

Martínez Otero is a company from Galicia, Spain, and are specialized in furniture manufacturing for hospitality and retail projects. With over 75 years of experience, they have become industrial carpentry and joinery specialists, having projects in more than 500 cities worldwide.

At Martínez Otero, they truly believe in being one step ahead, innovating, and introducing cutting-edge production equipment that can transform wood, metal, and all kinds of solids into a unique and high-quality product.

This is why they have been working with the Proliner Stone Package for more than eight years. Design processes and measurement technologies have changed through time, but Martínez Otero has maintained its customer-centric approach while optimizing production to continue providing the best products and services. David Yañez was very happy to share more about their experience:

« Our experience with the Proliner has been excellent. The truth is that we have been working with it for many years, and it has been amazing. We work with high-quality standards. That is why the Proliner technology is essential for our work.

Each piece of designer furniture and accessories is made with guaranteed quality and durability. The Proliner allows us to give our clients a flawless and accurate job. »

Martínez Otero has a repertoire of renowned clients, which shows their experience and the quality of the furniture they supply. Its presence in the world is becoming increasingly solid, with a presence not only in Europe but also in the Middle East, Africa, and the Caribbean.


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