UK Stone Installations: « We are flying high with the Proliner! »

UK Stone Installations, located in Hinkley, a market town in southwest Leicestershire, is a company that specializes in bespoke stone works in residential homes and commercial sites. Founded in 2016, they offer a diverse range of Granite, Marble, and composite Quartz products with over 150 varieties of stone to choose from. They do worktops for kitchens but also specialize in other projects such as bathroom cladding, restaurants, and reception desks, among others.

They recently decided to invest in their second Proliner Stone Package to make their job easier and more productive. They were  very happy to share their experience: « We are flying high with the Proliner! »

Stuart continued: « We are in love with the Proliner’s technology. We now have 2 machines and this allows us to template multiple jobs in a day. It’s truly amazing how smooth our workflow goes with the Proliner. We are very satisfied and would recommend it to all stone fabricators! »


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