Ibiza Teak Solutions: « That is the flow: From the Proliner directly to the CNC! »

Ibiza Teak Solutions is a company from Ibiza, one of Spain’s Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea. They are experts in manufacturing and repairing teak decks. They also work in the restoration of deteriorated sika, bathing steps, jet ski cradles, and much more.

To provide a product that can match their quality and high standards, they decided to go digital and invest in the Prodim Decking Package. Daniel Rial, one of the owners, shared their experience with us:

 » We use the Proliner during peak season, from November to June. Last year we completed close to 20 decking projects using the Proliner. We also use it for boat interiors, bathrooms, and upholstery panels with mahogany boards. We first template digitally and then send it straight to our CNC. We now get the best performance from our machines. That is the flow: From the Proliner directly to the CNC!

Now the work is much more practical. For us, It is an indispensable tool, not only on large ships but also on ships with narrow corridors. We cannot afford mistakes. With the Proliner the templates are very accurate. A laser or anything of that sort won’t work for us, it is not practical. »

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