Dekker Zevenhuizen just invested in their second Proliner, after seeing the wonders it brings to their business!

Founded in 1930, Dekker Zevenhuizen it’s a Dutch family business that specializes in processing high-quality materials into custom countertops and backsplashes for kitchens as well as related products such as taps, sinks, lighting, and other accessories for also kitchens or bathrooms.

They describe themselves as being stylish, distinctive, innovative, and reliable and ensure that their customers receive high-quality and distinctive products.

Being already a proud Proliner user for years, and seeing the wonders that it brings to their business,  Dekker Zevenhuizen decided to invest in their second one, and they are using the Proliner Stone package!

On the training day at Prodim, for one of their employees, they told us:

« We measure 7 to 10 kitchens per week and more projects throughout the Netherlands. Measuring by hand and using templates is not practical at all! Especially, for example, in the heart of Amsterdam where you have to walk around with templates on the second floor on a narrow staircase! »

He added:

« For this reason, and since we are developing, we decided to buy the second Proliner to make our job easier. Mr. Fred Wor is receiving his first training today on digital templating, which is exciting!
He (Mr. Fred Wor) believes that with the Proliner, we can save a lot of time on every project. And above all, to be able to work more practically, without constantly having to carry around physical templates, tape measures, and take notes by hand. »


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