Egan Stone: “We couldn’t cover as much ground in a day without the Proliner devices we have with us”

With six generations of family ownership, Egan Stoneworks and Egan Granite & Marble are well-established family businesses in Kilbeggan, County Westmeath, Ireland. They pride themselves on providing quality and service to all their customers. They specialize in granite, marble, quartz, and all types of stonework surfaces, fireplaces, floors, stairs, shop fronts, and memorials.

For nearly 20 years, they have been working with the precision and efficiency of the Proliner Stone Package. Due to the Proliner’s durability over the years, they invested in several devices to assist in their daily work. Keith Kenna was very excited to talk about his years of experience using the Proliner. He said:

“We measure around 8 worktops a day. We couldn’t cover as much ground in a day without the Proliner devices we have with us. There is a growing trend in Ireland for high backsplash around the full kitchen. The Proliner makes a big difference here for positioning sockets and navigating notches on overhead presses.

We have two templators (operators) who measure 4 – 5 worktops per person on a daily basis. Travel time is a big factor as we would often have an hour’s drive between customers. The Proliner reduces the time spent templating so these distances are possible in a working day.

With the Proliner, each fitting team can fit two projects each day due to its accuracy. It is not necessary to cut anything on-site since most of the work is done in the factory. I highly recommend the Proliner to anyone interested in using it.”



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