Prodim: Tube – Düsseldorf, Germany

04-Apr-2016 - 08-Apr-2016

The Tube is the world leading trade fair for the tube industry. Professionals gather information on future-oriented trends concerning machinery and plant for the manufacturing and processing of tubes, forming and bending technology, tube trade and accessories as well as profile technology.


Prodim will be exhibiting at the Tube 2016 fair and we will demonstrate our high end digital measuring devices, the Proliner Tracker Industry Series (IS) and our Prodim TubeCheck software. Within the tube industry Proliner Trackers are used most for reversed engineering and quality control on and offsite.


Proliner Trackers – Digital measuring with a wire 


Due to the different sizes, radii and angles it is often difficult and time consuming to measure piping systems. Because of the unique technique based on measuring with a wire, measuring tubes with a Proliner Tracker is fast and accurate. The end result is a perfectly calculated digital line drawing of the tube model. LRA data XYZ are instantly available. The measurement data can be exported as a DXF file for further processing like reversed engineering or as a CSV file for production machines, like tube benders.


Since the Proliner is portable and all the software is embedded operators only have to carry one device to perform and review all measurements on and offsite, saving valuable time.


TubeCheck, used for accurate quality control and reverse engineering 


TubeCheck is an additional software module for the Proliner Tracker used for the quality control of tubes. With TubeCheck it is possible to compare a measured tube or part of it with master data. Tolerances of intersection points, part lengths angles and rotations can be defined in the master data and uploaded to the Proliner using TubeCheck. After measuring a tube with the Proliner it can be compared with the master data directly. It is immediately clear for the operator if the tube passes or fails the required specifications.


As mentioned the Proliner is often used as a reverse engineering tool to digitize existing parts on and offsite. With the TubeCheck software installed, the Proliner is able to calculate the precise centerline and intersections of complex piping systems.


TubeCheck demo 




More information about TubeCheck




Fair ground Düsseldorf 


Prodim: Hall 5, Booth H09




From Monday 4 April – Friday 8 April 2016
Monday – Thursday: 09:00 a.m. – 06:00 p.m.
Friday: 09:00 a.m. – 04:30 p.m.


We hope to see you at Tube 2016, Prodim: Hall 5, Booth H09