Proliner Digital Templating Days – Paris, France

25-Jan-2024 - 26-Jan-2024

In the ever-evolving domains of the stone and glass industries, precision reigns supreme. Elevating accuracy to an art form while optimizing workflows has become paramount in the fields, and the Proliner helps better than any other device with this. We are proud to announce the Proliner Digital Templating Days (Prodim on Tour): a gathering where you can learn about cutting-edge digital templating solutions, including demonstrations and training with the Proliner.

Digital Templating Days

  • Day 1 morning (25 January) – Proliner Demo:

Embarking on the journey of the Proliner Digital Templating Days, participants will start with the Proliner Demo. This event introduces attendees to the Proliner. Live demonstrations during the Proliner Demo showcase the Proliner’s technology and capabilities. From capturing intricate details of countertops to sculpting the dimensions of fireplaces, everyone will see for themselves how you can make fast and precise measurements. Participation in the Proliner Demo is free and open to professionals from all industries.

  • Day 1 afternoon (25 January) – Basic Proliner Training:

Novice or experienced with the Proliner, all glass and stone customers of Prodim can make use of the Basic Proliner Training. In this event, participants will go beyond the theory, using the Proliner for basic measurements. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to exchange know-how and ideas with other industry peers.

  • Day 2 (26 January): Training Day:

The Training Day is open to experienced customers in the stone and glass industry or to participants in the Basic Proliner Training on Day 1. On this day we will measure and edit various project types in a single plane, for example, kitchens (worktop and backsplash), stairs, and fireplaces among others. For editing, we use our own unique software Factory Draw. We are also able to show you our Factory Draw Advanced software.


22 Boulevard de l’Espérance, Gagny

Île-de-France 93220

Paris, France



Dates and times

25 (Day 1) and 26 (Day 2) January 2024

Proliner Demo (25 January, morning): 09:00 to 12:30

Registration and fee

  • To everyone eager to learn about the Proliner, our Proliner Demo extends a warm welcome to all enthusiasts without charge! Limited seats and availability.
  • Participating in the Basic Proliner Training (Day 1 afternoon) and the Training Day (Day 2) is restricted to existing customers and is for a fee.

Please contact us for the price and availability of the Basic Proliner Training and the Training Day and availability of the Proliner Demo. You can email or call: / +31 492 57 90 50

See you in Paris!


Photos and videos from the previous Proliner Digital Templating Days in the United Kingdom and Spain (2023):